Thursday 29th July, 2021

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Accounting Technicians are facing increasing challenges to upskill technically in order to stay at pace with cloud technologies, payments automation, cybersecurity and data analytics.

ATI's Leaning into Tech Day provides you with

A MESSAGE FROM THE Immediate Past President

It gives me great pleasure to launch Accounting Technicians Ireland’s first-ever Tech Conference, Leaning into Tech. As an Institute which represents our members and students, the services and information we provide must keep pace and deliver the necessary skills to the Accounting Technician of today.

As President, and Throughout my 25 years as a Member of ATI, I have seen both the transformative and disruptive role technology continues to play within the sector. In order to avail of the benefits afforded by these new technologies, each of us must remain committed to progress in this age of automation.

Leaning into Tech will demonstrate first-hand through practical workshops, how integration can deliver rich benefits to you and your business, in the areas of daily operations, process efficiency, data analysis and improved communications. Hear from leaders in the areas of Fintech, professional services, Cloud computing, and cybersecurity, who will share their own experience of tech adoption, and make sure to stop by the exhibition booths for exclusive access to new products and emerging trends. Among the packed line-up of talks and workshops, don’t miss our three keynote addresses from:

In the past year, technology has been integral to how we communicate with each other and has enabled us to keep the show on the road within our own teams and organizations. On behalf of Accounting Technicians Ireland, I would like to extend an immense thank you to our title sponsor, Sage, and software sponsor, Surf Accounts, whose support and generosity have enabled us to bring this timely Tech Conference to you.

I am honored to be able to introduce this inaugural event and welcome it as a new highlight in Accounting Technicians Ireland’s annual calendar.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Gleeson

Immediate Past President.



2021-07-29 09:05:00


Why you shouldn’t miss it… 

‘Leaning into Tech’ is Accounting Technicians Ireland’s inaugural Tech Conference 2021 which aims to empower you with the practical tools and understanding of digitalisation in business and finance. 


Through our packed programme of workshops, ‘ask the experts’ huddles, networking shorts, and dynamic keynotes, ‘Leaning into Tech’ will equip you with the skills to excel as active participants in business transformation. You’ll leave with a new-found insight in how to deliver real digital value to your teams and organisations. 


The conference will count towards 5 CPD hours for ATI Members.   

Session 1

2021-07-29 09:15:00

Cloud for Finance

Is Cloud becoming our BFF? The big question being asked by businesses today is not “why cloud?”, but rather “which cloud?”. In this hour-long session, hear from some of the leading voices in Cloud Finance on what the future looks like for the accounting professional of tomorrow.  

Accenture’s Thady Duggan encourages us to ‘choose to change’ as businesses transition from a piece-meal approach to a more holistic end-to-end digital transformation with Cloud at its core.  

In exploring the driving forces of cloud enablement, Thady will illustrate the efficiencies and opportunities afforded by cloud and modernisation solutions in areas such as operations, strategy, sustainability and decision-making. According to Accenture the winners of tomorrow will be the ones that navigate this change rapidly, make the right choices and engage with the appropriate partners to augment their own capabilities. 

Thady Duggan
Senior Manager, CFO & Enterprise Value Accenture

2021-07-29 09:35:00

Cloud workshop with Sage

Paula explores the factors playing a role in achieving a successful cloud migration using real-life case studies of “client evolution and the cloud”.  Businesses that are quick to respond and innovate will only grow and thrive.  SAGE reports that to stay competitive, smaller firms and businesses must invest in technology end-to-end solutions that help them keep up with client and customer expectations. 

Paula Murphy
Partner Success Manager Accountants Division, Sage

2021-07-29 09:50:00

Cloud workshop with Surf Accounts

Delve into the possibilities of the cloud on an operational level with Surf Accounts, from available tools to help us work smarter, as well as automating the end-to-end process.  Jon will provide advice on how to train up in cloud technologies to ensure competitive advantage as we adjust to the new business world post Covid. 

Jon Burke
Partner Manager, Surf Accounts

2021-07-29 10:05:00

Cloud workshop with Satago

Angela illustrates through case studies how Tech can become your BFF and how it can strengthen client-relationships through data gathering and client insight functionality. Explore the Value-Add of automation and how Cloud empowers organisations to make sound business decisions.  

Angela Sammon
Partnership Enablement Manager, Satago

2021-07-29 10:20:00

Cloud for Finance Wrap

2021-07-29 10:35:00

Future Fit - Change Management

Understanding Change and your reaction to change

Reviewing the Stages of Change

Tips on how to notice the stages of Change with guidance on navigating your way through the change

Eibhlin Johnston
Transformational Coach, Adaptas

Coffee Refill

Session 2

2021-07-29 11:15:00

Future Fit - Strategic Thinking

Explore what it means to be strategic: the difference between strategic thinking vs. strategic planning 

Understand what you need to focus on in order to become strategic in a more effective manner

Cover some tips and tools on how you can apply this knowledge to future situations

Dr. Celine Mullins
CEO Adaptas

2021-07-29 11:35:00

Payment workshop - Prommt

From the decline of cash to the emergence of omni-channel payments, Adam will review the impact of changing consumer behaviours and legislative factors on the new payments’ ecosystem in this Prommt-led workshop. In such a landscape it is vital for businesses to be assured that in managing revenue more responsively and that security is not sacrificed along the way.   

Adam Ball
MD, Prommt

2021-07-29 11:50:00

Payment workshop - GoCardless

In this workshop, GoCardless assesses the possible death of the card and the rise of open banking, whilst examining the risk around fraud and how to mitigate it. These changes provide an opportunity to create new value from payment transactions, particularly by leveraging data. And we reflect on how these and many other changes are here to stay.  

Pranav Sood
VP Small Business, Go Cardless

2021-07-29 12:05:00

Payment workshop - Plandail Ltd

Pearse debates the future of cryptocurrency and trading - from widespread consumer adoption of digital coin to regulatory compliance, the limitless possibilities and immense risk. Loy will explore how regulation will be challenged to keep pace and he will share his predictions for the future in a cashless society.   

Pearse Ryan
Plandail Ltd

2021-07-29 12:20:00

Future Payments Disruption

Colm will provide an overview of the major trends he sees in fintech in Europe today. This includes advancing regulation, technology developments and the drive towards the digital economy. His latest venture – is taking advantage of these developments and helping fast scaling businesses to automate complex payment flows.  How is the regulation changing and what impact does it have on firms in the sector? What is the impact of Brexit, where do start-up fintech firms get guidance? How does the same regulation apply to big and small firms alike? What are the big trends in payments today? Where next with Open Banking Payments and account to account based payments generally. Are we seeing new payment arrangements emerge?  The future of payments – embedding finance into business – finally making banking digital.

Colm Lyon
CEO Fire

2021-07-29 12:40:00

Future Payments Disruption Wrap

2021-07-29 12:45:43


Session 3

2021-07-29 13:20:00

Cyber Security

News headlines herald increasing accounts of cyber-attacks, data leaks, and financial fraud. Equip yourself with best practices to mitigate and prevent cyber incidents in your own organisations in this hour-long session. 

We kickstart this session on cybersecurity with a review of the current threat landscape with EY’s Ross Spelman. Supported by examples of real-life hacks attempted in the past year, we’ll look at new patterns in cyber warfare and fraud, and future working practices being developed to help mitigate them.   


Ross Spelman
Director Cyber Security, EY

2021-07-29 13:45:00

Cyber workshop - Bank of Ireland

Attain clear advice and key steps on how to prevent financial crime and loss within your organisation and as a consumer in this practical workshop led by fraud expert Paul O Brien, Group Security, Bank of Ireland.  

Paul O'Brien
Group Security, Bank of Ireland

2021-07-29 14:00:00

Cyber workshop - supportIT

supportIT examines the key technology safeguards to put in place as security control measures to defend against potential cyber incidents.  

Joe McGivern
CEO supportIT

2021-07-29 14:15:00

Cyber workshop - Mazars

Facing ever-increasing regulations and investment in end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, we take a lesson from Sarah Hipkin on the top 5 strategic cyber challenges (such as squeezed budgets and increasing regulations) faced by organisations and how to conduct an annual cyber risk self-assessment. Learn how to secure that clean bill of health from an internal audit in the areas of data protection and incident response with Mazars Ireland.

Sarah Hipkin
Head of Technology Consulting, Mazars

2021-07-29 14:30:00

Cyber Security Wrap

2021-07-29 14:40:00

Future Fit - Growth Mindset

Discover the difference between two critical parts of yourself, your growth and fixed mindset

Learn to recognise critical moments where we choose who to be in response to challenges 

Understand that growth is achieved through embracing and seeking out challenges

Annika McGivern
Performance Psychologist, Adaptas

2021-07-29 14:50:00

Conference Chair closing remarks


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